Full-Length Mirror

Store it All With Our Full-Length Storage Mirror: Rifles, Holsters, and More!

Our full-length mirror storage systems were designed with your weapons in mind. We offer a variety of hidden storage options capable of concealing all kinds of firearms. Store your ammo on the adjustable shelving units within our full-length storage mirror, then use the Velcro holsters and straps along with the specialty padding that covers the interior of the mirror to securely stow your weapons. No matter what you are looking to conceal safely in your home, Willa-Hide’s full-length mirror storage is second to none!

Be Prepared for Protection When You Need it Most

Willa-Hide’s full-length mirror storage systems were designed with preparedness in mind. However, unlike other types of concealed storage systems, our cabinets do not lock automatically. They lock at your discretion! This way, you can have access to your weapons at a moment’s notice should you need them. Keep your weapons away from the kids during the day, but have them readily available at night, a time when break-ins typically occur. Feel confident that your family is safe with a full-length storage mirror from Willa-Hide installed in your home.

Why Trust Willa-Hide?

Our products are made in the U.S. All of our secret-storage mirrors are designed, built, and shipped right here in America by our experienced craftsmen.
We offer quality furniture products made with quality materials. Every full-length mirror with storage is made from solid, sturdy wood.
We offer a patented locking system, which uses a solid steel pin that drops into flush brass fittings, keeping your cabinet locked until you open it with your powerful rare earth magnet key, so your weapons will be safely out of children’s reach.
Our full-length mirrors can be easily installed by following our simple instructions and online tutorials.
Provide Your Family With Safety, Security, and Protection

Willa-Hide is a company founded on the value of family. The company began with the idea to create furniture that would safely conceal weapons and keep them out of the hands of children. Today, Willa-Hide has evolved into a company that offers unique and subtle ways to safely store your weapons in your home. Willa-Hide offers a full-length mirror with storage compartments for self-defense weapons, including firearms and knives. Our mirrors are offered in a variety of colors and finishes, so you are sure to find a full-length mirror storage system that fits your style.

Willa-Hide concealed cabinets are made and created by people who know firearms and other tactical weapons. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about your order. We love our customers and want them to be satisfied and, more importantly, safe with one of our full-length mirrors with storage. Buy the best-looking wooden mirrors with gun concealment online today!

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