Picture Frame

Hide your guns and ammo in plain sight with U.S.-made picture frame gun storage from Willa-Hide. These clever devices appear as ordinary decorations until you need what’s inside. The front can slide out of place at a moment’s notice to reveal roomy storage, which can hold handguns, pistols, or any other valuable items you want hidden. When you’re not using them, your items will be both concealed and secured with our patented locking system. Keeping your weapon both out of sight and within arm’s reach is the best way to hide a gun!

Picture frame options come in several colors and types of wood, so you can take the time to find the one that best suits your home. Choose something modern and sleek for an entryway or something rustic for a homey living space. Pick out a picture of your family or a piece of art that will fit in with your space. Remember that keeping your new, handsome décor inconspicuous is how to more effectively hide a gun. Picture frame gun safe products from us are all made within the U.S. with some of the best hardwood materials, so no matter which option you choose, you’ll be getting a quality product that will look great.

With adjustable shelving and Velcro holsters, you can secure your smaller guns in your picture frame gun safe. When strapping in your gun, remember to follow the usual gun safety tips regarding locking and storage. Using a steel pin, brass fitting, and magnet, you’ll be able to ensure that no one stumbles across your guns. Note that with our hooks and holders, you’ll also be able to conveniently hide other valuables, like passports or expensive jewelry, in a Willa-Hide hidden wall safe. Picture frame options are about 16 by 20 inches. If you need a picture gun safe of a larger size to secure your rifles or shotguns, we also have full-length mirrors that can do the trick!

Whether you’re hoping for a cute way to hide valuables or to keep your home safer with a hidden gun, picture frame cabinets offer secret compartments that can keep what you want hidden. Browse our high-quality items online and buy the best one for your home, or, should you have questions, contact us today at (800) 815-6071.

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