Floating Shelf

Hiding firearms and valuables is important to keep them safe and secure, and with our products, you can conceal these items right in plain sight! The patented locking system built into our floating shelves offers security and concealment features together in one beautiful compartment. Keep all of your tactical gear and valuables safely hidden away where only you can access these items when you need them.

Home defense furniture is designed to keep guns and valuables safe and secure in the home. Our floating gun shelf is both versatile and beautiful, making it an ideal place to lock away firearms. This concealed-gun shelf fits virtually anywhere in the home to keep weapons locked away safely yet within easy reach. Install a Willa-Hide gun shelf by the bed or anywhere else quickly and easily. It fits perfectly in the living room, the kitchen, a hallway, or even the bathroom to provide easy access when you need it.

Consumers have many options for locking up firearms, including a standard gun safe, shelves like ours, or our picture-frame safes. With our shelf gun safe, the unit conceals its contents so well that other people likely won’t even realize that it contains a secret compartment. Our Floating Shelves are made out of real wood, so it blends beautifully with other furniture and is built to last a lifetime. At American Concealed Furniture all of our concealment furniture is made in the U.S. to be the best-quality storage units possible.

Two standard widths are available for our concealed-gun shelf: 22 inches and 30 inches. The floating gun shelf comes in several different wood finishes, including black, white, and mahogany, and designs ranging from rustic to classic to more modern, so we are sure to have a floating shelf gun safe that will fit seamlessly with your décor. Installation is so simple, and this hidden shelf gun safe is ideal for both homeowners and renters, since the gun safe shelf only requires that you drill into the wall studs, creating holes that are easy to fill if you remove the shelf later on. Contact us online or by phone today to see why more and more people trust us with their home décor security needs!

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