The Federal Bureau of Investigation estimates that more than 1,700,000 million burglaries occurred in 2014. Of these burglaries, more than 58 percent involved forcible entry into a home. Home security is vitally important to keep your family safe. When you store firearms in the home, choose your storage compartment carefully to ensure that you get the best features. Our rustic gun cabinets blend in seamlessly with your décor while also including useful, locked weapons concealment. These rustic storage cabinets are ideal for hiding both guns and home valuables.

Choose a convenient location to install our rustic storage cabinets. They can fit in perfectly with other furniture in the living room or den. They also install unobtrusively in the bedroom for easy access at night. These rustic gun racks work well in the kitchen, a hallway, or even the bathroom!

Combine beautiful home décor with hidden storage of firearms and valuables using our products. For instance, a picture frame can conceal your tactical gear behind a cherished family photo. These locked compartments feature a layer of 14-gauge steel behind the photograph as well as our secure, patented locking system to safeguard your items. This model is also available as a mirror. We even have full-length mirror cabinets with nearly five feet of hidden storage concealed behind the mirror, perfect for hiding larger items like shotguns and rifles. When you choose one of our mirrored rustic gun cabinets, you never need to worry about someone breaking into it by shattering the glass: We use a special process that seals the steel backing directly to the mirror so that any breakage will simply cause the glass to break in spider-web fashion. The contents of the secret compartment will always remain safe. Another popular option for those seeking rustic gun racks is our floating shelf made of fruitwood or mahogany. These beautiful shelves can double as bedside tables or even be incorporated into mantels in the living room. They can fit virtually anywhere to give you instant access to your items inside.

Storing firearms in a safe and secure manner is simply a must. Let Willa-Hide help you select the perfect hidden storage compartment from our variety of rustic gun cabinets. We have something to fit any décor in various wood finishes. Every item we sell is made in the U.S., so you can buy with confidence!

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